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Sophisticated and pure,
The sensuous silk dress
gently embraces the body and
uplifts the spirit

It’s an expression of your
unique beauty within

Like the nature paints the sky
as the day begins and ends,
Change the color of the dress
as you step into a new stage
of your life

Indulge in the luxury of the
fine silk dress, destined to be
your lifetime companion



KALØN: (noun / Ancient Greek) The true beauty expressed through body and mind.
WHITE: Untainted blank canvas; a new beginning.

Personal transformations are an essential part of the journey called Life.
KALØNWHITE dresses are designed to reflect the wearer’s kaløn in each transformation, with the ability to dye and change the dress color to best suit her new chapter and current moment in life.

The premium fabric is carefully chosen to feel both natural and indulgent on the skin, to inspire and awaken a liberating sense of beauty. And, as you refresh the color, we hope you enjoy a brand new sense of joie de vivre delivered with the process.

The white dress is only the beginning.
Where will you be and what color will you wear in the next moment in your life?
Take the dress along in your journey and let it be an expression of your rich and colorful story.
Layered in beautiful colors over time,
you may eventually find the best black dress of your life, just when you need it right in your hands.

about us

Representative of KALØNWHITE


Since relocating to New York in 1998, she has led a bi-coastal life between the United States and Japan. She has spent many years as a freelance makeup artist in the world of fashion and beauty in New York. From 2013, she took overall command as a creative director for eight years at “RMK,” a leading cosmetics brand in Japan. Leveraging her experience, she launched a silk dress brand with a unique concept cultivated from her color palette as a makeup artist. She aims to blend formal and casual dresses, creating unique, elegant, ethical brand designs that are meant to be worn for a long time, embodying individuality along with the dress. The designs, rich in natural colors, are played out in color games and are part of a life-themed composition.


3-31-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001,
Gaien Corp. 705, Japan

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